Can we use zirconia for veneers ⁉️💣

Here is the best said by Dr. Ahmad Aboelfadl 💯

For Zirconia as veneers , let me share with you my opinion :

1️⃣ Zirconia is not truly adhesive as it’s silica free ( polycrystalline) ,, yes enhancements in its bonding are there & its bonding can be improved by some surface treatments as MDP & others but this is to improve its retention in full coverage crowns & bridges not for veneers that totally rely on adhesion .

2️⃣ Zirconia is not that translucent as Glass ceramics even the super translucent zirconia is still inferior to glass ceramics ... and if you tell me that zirconia is good in masking the discolored dark preparation stump , the answer is you could easily do that using a variety of glass ceramic blocks or ingots with different opacities according to your case .

3️⃣ Zirconia is too rigid material and nowadays we have the bioemulation/biomimetic concept where we try to replace enamel/dentin by materials that simulate them biologically, esthetically & functionally as much as possible ..So, in veneers we are mostly in enamel and glass ceramics are the nearest material to enamel regarding its elastic modulus ( rigidity ) while zirconia is too rigid in this context .

⛔️ Rigidity is different from strength, and if you need strength , lithium disilicate ( Emax ) & zirconia reinforced lithium silicates ( Celtra duo) can do the job perfectly as long as your preparation is correct .

👉🏻 Finally , the question is why zirconia as long as other materials can do the job perfectly... same thing ; why Emax posterior bridge when you can make Zirconia bridge ( monolithic or layered ). And having some successful cases ( bless them all & great job ) is not an evidence for others to follow the protocol ‼️

My regards ..