Endocrown is an overlay with an extension into the pulp chamber. In other words, it is a crown that extends to include the pulp chamber in endodontically treated teeth, a crown with its core part as a single unit. It is a large ceramic block that fills the pulp chamber and is adhesively cemented to the dental substrate. thereby achieving macromechanical retention provided by the walls of the pulp chamber and micromechanical retention by means of adhesive bonding. This technique presents satisfactory long-term clinical results in molars due to the large surface area available to bonding.


  • Successfully treated tooth
  • Excessive coronal loss
  • Limited inter-occlusal space
  • Cavity depth at least 3mm and cervical margin with 2 mm width
  • Short clinical crowns


  • Simple and easy to perform
  • No preparation for root dentin
  • No post
  • Conservative preparation design
  • Reduce chairside time

Clinical case 

Preoperative situation

Treatment plan:
  1. Excision of the pulp polyp 
  2. Root canal treatment
  3. Endocrown

Removal of the polyp and starting RCT

Clean cavity

Implementation of RCT

Obturated canals

Orifices are sealed with flowable composite to prevent contamination and block the undercuts

Protecting the neighboring tooth during cavity preparation using a metallic matrix band

Finished cavity design 
No internal line angles, flat pulpal floor whenever possible & a supragingival finish line as much as possible

The pulp chamber is divergent towards the occlusal surface, the preparation margins exhibit a butt-joint

Preservation of the sound tooth structure

Optical impression using Omnicam

Bite registration

Virtual design

Material: CeltraDuo, DentsplySirona

The restoration is milled

 virtual Vs physical

Final restoration

Absolute isolation

Seated under gentle pressure

Final result

Preoperative Vs postoperative

Lingual view

Buccal view

Feel free to download my presentation focusing on the most important points regarding this topic:
Endocrown from virtual to real

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