I'm going to show a step-by-step protocol nevertheless the restorations were freshly cemented and more recall photos are going to be added ...

Preoperative situation of a frontal smile

Right side

Left side

Occlusal view

Diagnostic wax-up

The old restorations were prepped out

Composite in a transparent index

The start point of guided preparations

Depth cuts through the mock-up

Final preparations & double retraction technique

Final impression

Bite registration


Esthetic temporaries

Trying the form and checking the adaptation of the margins just before glazing

Final restorations


Esthetic preview of the final restorations

Absolute isolation & surface treatment 

Holding device "Optrastick, Ivoclar Vivadent"

Excess cement after final seating of the restoration

Cementation sequence was implemented one by one 

Excesses need to be cleaned

Maintenance visit

Tissue healing in progress

Tissue integration is getting better 

Final result

Left side

Right side 

Frontal smile

A postoperative occlusal view is going to be added soon on the patient recall appointment.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.....