Multimode universal adhesives

An important improvement of the new adhesives is their ability to form chemical bonds to calcium in the tooth with 10-methacryloyloxydecyl dihydrogen phosphate (10-MDP) monomer. 
Of all commercially available functional monomers, 10-MDP has been proven to be the most effective one, able to form a stable and durable chemical bond with hydroxyapatite in the hybrid layer.
These universal adhesives provide micromechanical retention and chemical bond to the tooth structure. 

Universal primers are applied to ceramic surfaces like etchable glass‐ceramic, airborne Al2O3‐particle pretreated
oxide ceramics, as well as tribochemically pretreated ceramic or
metal surfaces, either precious or nonprecious. The mixture of
different monomers is able to enhance bonding to all mentioned
surfaces after surface roughening by different approaches. This
is a tremendous advantage in repairing insufficient restorations
when it is not exactly known what kind of ceramic was used or if
different material surfaces are affected at one site. 
This new class of universal adhesives has solved the challenges of bonding mode incompatibility providing versatility in the mode of application without compromising bonding effectiveness.

Nowadays, there is a major trend to use universal/multimode adhesives, which are actually a newer version of 1 SE that can be applied in different modes: 

  • etch-and-rinse mode 

  • self-etch mode

  • selective etching mode (self-etch mode with prior selective etching of the enamel margin with 35% phosphoric acid).

However, these recent innovations remain vulnerable to a number of challenges inherent in the past generations of adhesive systems such as the collagen degradation via MMP activity while providing antibacterial properties, the attachment of dental plaque biofilms, and the elimination of free water from resin-dentin interfaces.

These multimode universal adhesives include:
  • Clearfil Universal Bond (Kuraray)
  • G-Premio Bond (GC America)
  • Prime & Bond Universal (Dentsply Sirona)
  • Scotchbond Universal (3M ESPE)
  • All-Bond Universal (Bisco)
  • Futurabond U (VOCO)
  • Adhese Universal (Ivoclar Vivadent)
  • Optibond XTR (Kerr)
  • iBond Universal (Heraeus Kulzer)
  • Palfique Universal Bond (Tokuyama)